Help for the Union Steward

Steward’s Job Checklist

____ I take a leadership role in the union and in my work area.

____ I talk about the union with my co-workers.

____ I listen to my co-workers concerns. I solve their problems if I can.

____ I read the things sent to me by the Union, and I discuss them with my co-workers.

____ I treat all employees fairly.

____ I greet new hires, introduce myself as their union steward, and tell them about the union. I ask them to join the union.

____ I talk to every non-member about joining the union.

____ I watch time limits very carefully when handling grievances.

____ I try to settle grievances informally, or at the lowest possible level.

____ I involve my co-workers in solving workplace problems.

____ I tell my co-workers about union accomplishments.

____ I ask union members their opinions about union matters.

____ I encourage union members to attend meetings.

____ I set an example by attending meetings myself.

____ I keep the bulletin board interesting and up-to-date.

____ I study the collective bargaining agreement.

____ I try to gain and nurture the respect of my co-workers.

____ I demonstrate to management that I am their equal.

____ When I have a question or a problem, I consult other stewards, my chapter president, and/or my field representative.

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